7 Simple Tips For Creating And Remembering A Strong Password


Do you get upset when the password strength shows “weak password” while setting new login credentials? We all have a tough time creating a unique password for every mail account or social media platform. The tougher task is to recollect all passwords. Here are seven tips to remember your passwords

1. Use a combination of letters (lower and upper case), numbers and special characters. You can even use emoticon symbols like :p,😀 or😉. You definitely won’t forget these!

2. Avoid using your own name, anyone’s name from your family or your company name.

3. Don’t use dictionary words; it’s easy to crack such passwords.

4. Use different passwords for different websites. Because if you set the same password for every website, you will be in deep trouble of one of your accounts is hacked. It will give an easy access to other sites.

5. Do not use the word “password” for your password. It’s terribly weak and can be hacked in no time. Also, do not use letters or numbers in series like “abcd” or “1234”

6. Use the initials of any phrase to form a strong password.

7. For security, download reliable password manager applications such as Dashlane 4, LastPass 3.0 Premium, or RoboForm Everywhere 7 to save all your passwords in one database. So, now you have to remember only one password to unlock this application and get access to all your passwords.

Here are two examples of a strong password, and you will definitely remember these! – tlshiwwya12# – here, we have used the initials of the famous rhyme “Twinkle twinkle little star, how I wonder what you are”, followed by any number and a special character. – Ilinyc#23 – here, we have used a random phrase “I live in New York City”, followed by a special character and may be you can add your street or flat number, to help you remember better.

Leave no room for password blunders anymore.

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